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Hoyerswerda Regional Development Plan
Project: Regional Development Plan
Status: Completed 1992
Location: The Region of Hoyerswerda, Saxony, Germany
Client: The Regional Council of Hoyerswerda and the State of Saxony
Contract Value: N/A

The preparation of a Regional Development Plan for an area of approximately 800km2 of industrial and open cast mining dereliction north of Dresden in collaboration with Professor Heinz Schwarzbach.

This area of Saxony was a major brown coal mining and power-generating centre and produced a large percentage of the pre-cast concrete components for the multi-storey housing projects in eastern Europe.

In parallel with the development of the Regional Plan we initiated and developed a number of regeneration Pilot Projects to support the economic development of the region.

Key Services:
Brief writing, Community Planning & Consultation, Construction Techniques, Energy/Environmental Expertise, Landscape Design, Master Planning, Research, Urban and Regional Planning & Design.

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Hoyerswerda Regional Development Plan

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